Leadership At The Forefront of Skin Cancer Care

Village Dermatology is housed in a state-of-the-art facility, with reception room and examination rooms focused on patient comfort and safety. Our on-site pathology lab is CLIA state certified which allows us to provide patients with improved service, faster turnaround and quality control.

As a highly regarded Mohs surgeon, Dr. Thi Tran is an invited lecturer and teacher of surgical courses at a number of national and international conferences each year. Dr. Tran has also contributed to the field’s developing technology. He had a hand in the creation of the Il Duomo Sim Skin model which is used for practicing dermatology surgery worldwide. His advanced Electronic Health Records technology, SoHi Systems (patent pending), brings a new standard of care to patient safety, removing the risk of improper diagnosis and wrong site surgery.

Multi-Specialty Network In The Local Community

We believe in a comprehensive approach to skin cancer care and we work closely with a large network of specialty providers to best serve our patients. Dr. Tran performs surgery in our office. For patients who require additional care, or have complex cases, we refer out to local hospitals and universities whose high standards of care match our own. We work regularly with a network of physicians that include plastic surgeons and radiation oncologists. We are committed to working with these experts to provide patients with the best treatments possible.

“No Sales Policy” We pride ourselves on providing patients with unbiased recommendations for the most effective treatments. As such, we do not carry any products for sale in our office, and will not push you to buy any specific product lines. Our practice offers only professional recommendations rooted in evidence-based medicine, and receives no sales commissions whatsoever.

Prevent, Detect, Treat: This simple yet effective three-step system guides all of our patient interactions.


There are a number of steps patients can take to prevent skin cancer. During your appointment, we will advise you on proper skin care and sun protection.


Each patient receives a complete skin examination, as opposed to the more common “spot-checking” technique. We also teach you how to perform self-skin examinations at home.


If a biopsy shows the presence of skin cancer, we review all options and protocols with patients, and move forward with the best treatment plan.