Hair loss (alopecia) refers to the thinning or falling out of hair. Dermatologists can help determine whether it will be permanent or temporary. They can also recommend the best treatment for each specific patient.

There are several factors that can cause excessive hair loss: improper use of chemical treatments (i.e. dyes, tints, bleaches, etc.), hereditary thinning or balding, alopecia areata, illness, stress, tinea capitis (scalp ringworm), hair pulling, cicatricial (scarring) alopecia, and some genetic disorders.

The key factor to restore or treat hair loss is to determine its root cause. Once the cause is known, treatment and growth restoration can be discussed at length. Treatment options include both medical and surgical interventions.

Remember, treatment helps many people who have hair loss, but not everyone. If you are concerned with excessive hair loss, please seek a dermatologist for medical advice. Dermatologists can help find the cause or causes and advise you on the best treatment plan. The sooner treatment begins, the better chance you have for a positive outcome.