Psoriasis is a skin disease that is considered long-lasting. Here are some tips to help you better manage this condition.

  1. Prevent sunburn. While it is recommended to briefly (or moderately) expose your skin in the sun without sunscreen, please make sure it’s not enough to cause sunburn or tan.
  2. Identify and avoid triggers. Triggers vary from one person to another. However, common triggers for psoriasis flare-ups are stress, bug bite, or winter weather.
  3. Treat effectively. Topical treatments (i.e. anthralin, coal tar, emollients, etc.) are helpful for mild to moderate psoriasis. On the other hand, moderate to severe psoriasis can be treated with traditional systemics, phototherapy, or biologic agents. 
  4. Avoid scratching and skin injuries. To help alleviate the itch, apply a cold compress and moisturize every day.

Even if you’re already on medication or receiving light treatments, you should remember these skincare tips to help get clearer skin: PITA — prevent sunburn, identify and avoid triggers, treat effectively, and avoid scratching and skin injuries. If you have psoriasis, especially if you’re experiencing joint pain, please see a dermatologist immediately.